Direction, Animation and illustration

Ricardo Serrano


Álvaro Domínguez



A few simple ideas to beat stress · a fun and illustrated guide made with love!

Nowadays we live extremely fast and busy lives, this means that we have to deal with tons of situations that demand quick responses and decisions which tend to produce stress.

Unfortunately, the majority of us are so used to being stressed that we aren’t even aware of how severely our stress levels are affecting our health. The sad truth is that often it will manifest emotionally, sometimes as anger, frustration or anxiety, and even physically through muscle tension, fatigue or sleep problems (just to mention a couple!).

 The good news is that there are a ton of ways to manage stress! Through some simple actions you can create routines that will help you greatly improve stress levels.

 That’s why we decided to help! Although there are many more ideas than the ones you will see in this video, the goal is to offer some relief through fun animated illustrations, and hopefully help people to really reduce their stress! Or at least make them smile. 🙂

The video was made in 4K just in case you want to watch it with your kids on the telly!
Thank you for watching!